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Vietnam Backpackers Hostel – Hanoi Downtown

Through their 2019 October Charity Fundraiser, VBP Hostel Hanoi Downtown raised funds for a generous donation to us. Thank you to Rob Towell for organizing the fundraiser and to the following sponsors of the event: 1984 Tattoo StudioBeauty Salon Vân NguyễnThe RepublicStanding BarChopsticks HanoiVietnam Backpacker HostelsHighway4 Hàng Tre

this Tay Ho, Hanoi cafe is special not only because of their beautiful lakeside view and delicious menu but also because their commitment to empowering our Her Academy women through economic opportunities. They hired our very own single mother Ms. Hoang Dung recently, allowing her to support her and her children financially. Thank you to Matthew Phillips for his support of our women!

In October 2019, international students from CET embarked on a traveling seminar to visit various social impact organizations across Vietnam, including Coins for Change Vietnam. We are grateful to resident director Vu Ho for his organization and his students for their passionate interest and generous donation to our programs.


Just Peoples supports global grassroots efforts to alleviate poverty. Their recent generous contribution to our programs will go towards supporting single mothers' hospital fees (for maternity and domestic violence situations) and single mothers' small business start ups. We are grateful for their commitment and for their partnership.



  • Hannah Bocksnick (Canada, 2019)

  • Matthew Davidson (USA, 2019)

  • Rina Das (India, 2019)

  • Martyna Ryszkiewics (Poland, 2019)

  • Shanthi Waran (India, 2019)

  • Abishek GNath (India, 2019)

  • Huong Tran (Vietnam, 2019)

  • Eva Monique McDonough (Canada, 2019)

  • Yasmin Serrano (Philippines, 2019)

  • Malibongwe Ramncwana (South Africa, 2019)

  • Bernat Pujol (Spain, 2019)

Coins for Change Vietnam (C4C) is a nonprofit social enterprise that aids disenfranchised women and children throughout Vietnam. 

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