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Our Organization

We are a nonprofit social enterprise

We aid disenfranchised women and children throughout Vietnam.

Our goal is to empower women with skills and resources to overcome social and economic challenges and to pursue opportunities.


Since 2015. And we don't plan on stopping any time soon.

Our purpose is to be a leader in education and gender development in Vietnam by providing comprehensive services, networks, and economic opportunities.

Our Purpose

We envision a Vietnam where women can participate equally in society and in the economy.

Our Vision

We exist to empower women with skills, confidence, participation, and rights, and to build long term relationships with our clients by pursuing innovative business, cultural understanding and supportive projects.

Our Mission

Our Core Values

We believe in treating our clients with respect and dignity.

We grow through creativity, cultural understanding and mutual support.

We integrate honesty, integrity and ethical business models into all aspects of our business projects

To expand nationally in the field of education and gender development, while developing a strong base of primary clients in order to become a key player in the sector.

Our Goals

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